Home Hi-Fi About the Grimm MU2 – Part 2 – The analog part

About the Grimm MU2 – Part 2 – The analog part

About the Grimm MU2 – Part 2 – The analog part

We recently paid Grimm Audio in Veldhoven a visit to learn more about the Grimm MU2 streamer / dac / pre-amp. A beautiful device, as you can read in the review. Now we have already posted the part with Eelco Grimm. He goes into the digital part. With Guido Tent we will talk about the analog part of this Swiss army knife.

As already touted in the review, the analog part of the Grimm MU2 is definitely special. It is incredibly transparent, which actually makes the use of a preamp unnecessary. In most cases, it will be a matter of taste and not a matter of better or worse. Perhaps an absolute world-class preamp will still exceed it.

Our question to Guido is: how did Grimm Audio pull this off? What are the secrets; if any, of course.

In the interview we discuss phase noise modulation, temperature dependent distortion and some clever circuitry that Grimm has used in the preamp of the Grimm MU2. Beware: despite the fact that we tried to keep it understandable, it has become – once again – a pretty nerdy interview…. but hey: we just can’t help it!

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