We would like to introduce the Alpha Audio Team to you!



Jaap Veenstra Jaap Veenstra is the founding Father of Alpha Audio. His hi-fi passion started early and never stopped. He had to find an outlet… Alpha Audio is the result. Now he can finally channel his craziness and do something usefull with it.
Yung Lie Yung Lie plays in a band himself. So he knows the real live feeling like no other author at Alpha Audio. He also likes to think ‘outside the box’. Not only at work, but also within his hi-fi hobby. In short: Yung does not shy away from the unknown!
Ronald Smit is a freelance author for various well-known ICT magazines and websites. He also has a technical background, which allows him to cut right through the marketing @#$^!@#$. Very usefull at Alpha!
Geoffrey van Houwaert grew up with radio, cassettes and MTV. He recorded music on cassettes and played it back on his walkman. A real music freak. That passion never stopped. Of course, cassettes have made way for CDs and streaming.
Frans Schmidt previously wrote for the Pink Floyd magazine Echoes en Progwereld, a Dutch webpage in the field of progressive and symphonic rock. But because blood will tell… this musical glutton now propagates his opinion on Alpha Audio.
Martijn ten Napel could read notes before he knew the alphabet. He grew up with classical music and played his grandfather’s collection of vinyl records with Mozart symphonies intensively. The next step were the Naxos CDs that his father bought at the Kruidvat. And now he has Qobuz!