Sunday, July 21, 2024

Reply To: The ultimate network


Hi Eric, I just looked into your forums, wow there’s a lot to find!, but also already too much to stumble through. I will register for sure and contribute when I have figured things out. The 5 boxes I have built for some friends brought great reviews and it helps me for better understanding. No network seems to be equal above a certain level and my own network seems to be the most difficult despite it’s a very simple one.

I started with streaming in 2009 with a PS Audio PWD. I will do my best to contribute on your forum as well in the future. I already wrote at least above 1000 articles on several forums to share my findings about thousands of hours testing things and equipment, sometimes it felt like a second job, which kept me very busy :-). It never payed out in terms of thanks for this or for that. Still I’m positive this must have helped many, many people and manufacturers. I have seen so many things that have changed, but it’s always difficult to claim the outcome. Although ferrites are commonly used on signal cables. The drossel cable takes it to a new level for ethernet. Thanks for sharing! Bic time! Like I always do I will first dive into the materie and test everything I can think about, after that I will start reading what others have found out. The other way around never worked for me, because it’s too difficult to understand what others hear and prevere.