Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Reply To: Audio afspeel-software: wat gebruik jij?


c’est tout simplement magnifique!

Voor degene die dacht dat er niet veel meer te horen&zien is over Audirvana+…
bij deze updates-info:

Release 2.5.3
•Fix crashes when upsampling to DSD.
Add SDM filter order information in the selection menu (in user preferences).
TIDAL: show all related artists (adding influenced by, followed by) in addition to the similar ones.
Fix not synching correctly FLAC files with not fully compliant metadata.
Sound Quality optimization.
•Compatibility of Direct Mode with OS X 10.11.5.
Synched folders: Fix when a folder was moved into a synched folder, its contents were not synched.
•Fix compatibility issue with OS X 10.9.
Fix last track in playlist play count update when stopping playback.
Fix iTunes integrated mode compatibility with iTunes versions prior to 12.4.
Release 2.5.1
•TIDAL browsing: display album description and credits (when available), with active hyperlinks to navigate among albums/artists,
add button in artist view to show its most listened (top) tracks.
Qobuz promotion: 1 month free trial of Qobuz HiFi voucher for Audirvana Plus purchased license owners.
Explicit error message telling to deactivate Direct Mode when facing the new bug introduced in OS X 10.11.5 that prevents Direct Mode from working.
Release 2.5
•TIDAL Streaming Integration!
TIDAL Streaming promotion: 3 months free trial of TIDAL HiFi voucher for Audirvana Plus purchased license owners.
TIDAL Streaming remote control with A+ Remote 1.6.

Release 2.4
•Functions for A+ Remote 1.5 (Qobuz and HighResAudio navigation, playlists view as albums).
Load sequentially streaming tracks to reduce network load (network bandwidth is the bottleneck).
Qobuz: option to limit the max quality for low bandwidth connections.
Streaming: show playlists as albums (in addition to tracks list).
Manual playlists can now be sorted (for local and streaming playlists).
Fix artist, composer, album artist text truncated in tracks list view.
Update Sparkle framework to 1.13.1 (security fix). https connection to audirvana.com was already used though.