Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bad demo experience

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      William TurnerWilliam Turner

      I drove 4 hrs each way to visit a TAD dealer, I listened to the EVO one tx, micro EVO tx, CE1tx and the CR1’s on a TAD system with Siltech interconnects and TAD speakers cables. The Evo 1,mirco and the Ce1tx sounded sooooo bad, way too bright and harsh. Yet the CR1’s sound much more carm and better but still nothing special

      I’m used to the sound of AA Tad Evo 2’s which to me sound fantastic.

      I’ve also listened to the CE1tx in the Patreon zone and they sounded very nice and pleasant with a lot of detail.

      I don’t understand what went wrong with the shop demo??

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      Jaap VeenstraJaap Veenstra

      Uhhh… not sure HOW that is possible! The CE1 TX is absolutely NOT overly bright or harsh in any sense. How are the acoustics? And what equipment did they use to do the demo?

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