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Ethernet cables

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      William TurnerWilliam Turner

      I thought i was finished with my Network, I use an Audioquest Vodka 1.5m from my incoming fiber to my router, another Vodka from my router to my ADOT and the a Siltech royal signature from my Melco S100 to my Nad 50.2 streamer.

      I borrowed the new Single crown ethernet fom my local dealer and swapped out the Royal signature, the rest was a slight general improvement.  As the mad crazy audiophile that i am i swapped out the first 1.5m AQ Vodka with my Signature and BOOOOOOM!!

      It was like lifting a huge thick blanket from my speakers, absolutely crazy!  I don’t understand what’s going on??    I always thought that the last cable be it a power or ethernet was the most important??  Guess i was wrong!

      Has anyone else had this experience?? or can explain what’s going on?



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      You must have hit on a particular synergy between those components. Yesterday I decided to try replacing my Shunyata Venom Ethernet cable into the streamer (which has always sounded “right”) with a Network Acoustics ENO Ag instead. I then heard more detail into a deeper soundstage -but with a more pronounced ringing from acoustic piano that I didn’t like.

      Online forum participants often describe silver conductors, like those in the Ag cable, as “faster”, more “detailed” but with less “body.” This was the first time I directly experienced the sound of silver by removing the Ag cable and returning Shunyata, now into the remaining ENO filter ahead of my streamer, to enjoy the best of both. Without ringing.

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      William TurnerWilliam Turner

      Yes, it’s all about synergy.

      It’s a jungle when it comes to finding that one cable that suits your taste.

      How many ethernet cables do you have in your network?


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