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Focal presents 1000 Series in-wall speakers

Focal presents 1000 Series in-wall speakers

The new Focal 1000 Series consists of built-in speakers equipped with adjustable drivers that can be directed towards the listener.

Focal has released a new series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, including subwoofers! The 1000 Series is a great alternative to freestanding speakers that are often much more prominent. Especially in a living room a neatly concealed speaker provides a bit of calmness in the interior. Especially if you also ensure that the associated cable mess is neatly hidden behind a layer of plaster.

According to Focal, no concessions are made to the sound quality; for example, the same Beryllium tweeters and ‘W’-cones are used as you can find in the Utopia series of the same brand.

Take your pick

The whole thing is – so says Focal – easy to assemble, with the ceiling speakers using the patented Easy Quick Install system. For this you do not need any tools. Furthermore, some of the new series drivers are adjustable, which is always practical. Prices run from €999 for the 1000 ICW6 and 1000 ICA6 ceiling speakers to the Focal 1000 IWCLR Utopia in-wall speaker at €6999. Ideal for anyone who is not really in to cables, boxes and other ornaments in the (home) room. Also very practical for a home theater, of course.