Home Hi-Fi Live Stream Multitest – Streamers around 1000 Euro – 24-09-2023, 10:30 CEST

Live Stream Multitest – Streamers around 1000 Euro – 24-09-2023, 10:30 CEST

Live Stream Multitest – Streamers around 1000 Euro – 24-09-2023, 10:30 CEST

Yes! We have another cool livestream for you this Sunday! We have – again – some nice streamers of around 1000 Euro. In short: if you are looking for something nice in this price range, don’t miss this live test!

The list of streamers is fairly definitive. We have:

  • Bluesound Node X
  • Volumio Primo
  • SMSL dac streaming bridge (also 1000 Euro all together)
  • JBL MP350
  • Eversolo DMP-A6
  • IFI Neo Stream

We hope to see you in the Live Stream next Sunday!

Check out the live stream test streamers


  1. Hello,
    Would it be possible to do a live test of the Frerot Merason Dac against the Qutest from Chord and Atoll Dac 200? Seems its the three Dac that everyone are recommending in the 1500€ price range, but their sound philosophy is very different from what i gather online.
    Would be very interesting to hear the difference!
    Thank you so much!

  2. Great live test today, much appreciated!

    As for suggestions to test going forward.
    I would like to see you do even more test of alternative digital noise reduction methods, that could possibly work together with cheaper streamers. I have played around a bit myself I had great success with the cheap combination of: WiFi Extender->IFI Lan iSilencer->CAT8->Netgear gs105 (with Ifi Power X)->CAT8.
    The reasoning is that the WiFi extender breaks the ethernet line and starts all over again, from scratch. The WiFi extender is very noisy but he IFI Lan Silencer seem to do an amazing job in very noisy sources and remove the bulk of that noise (not so much in less noisy places). Then the Netgear acts as a finer sandpaper close to the streamer.
    If you could compare such a setup, with a cheap streamer like the Wiim Pro with IFI Power X for example, and compare it to a much more expensive stock streamer (+£700) without any of this ethernet magic, but using the same DAC, that would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Tobias. Thanks. I’d think though that those kind of solutions are a bit difficult to compare. You add so many variables, that if you buy something which is like the iFi LAN Silencer, but another brand, the result is very different.

      We did a comparison of music software, and if I’m really honest, I’d pick a simple Intel NUC computer, put Audirvana on it and USB out into a DAC, like we did in that review.

      • Thanks Martijn!
        I want to iterate that the WiFi extender together with the IFI LAN iSilencer gave a bigger improvement then the gs105 with iPower X, at least that was my impression.
        In my case I used the WXC-50 as the streamer.
        But It could also have been because my cheap plasticky router was extremely noisy and benefitted more from being decoupled…
        Just wanted to share this.