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McIntosh PS2K subwoofer

McIntosh PS2K subwoofer

If you look (too) swiftly, it looks like a floorstanding speaker. But the McIntosh PS2K is really “just” a subwoofer.

McIntosh, of course, is known for sometimes going fairly “over the top” with its equipment. The new McIntosh PS2K is indeed no exception here. There are four drivers in the vertical shaped sub, each with a diameter of 33 cm. Heavy and strong magnets according to the proprietary Low Distortion High Performance aka LD/HP principle form the basis of the drivers. Each driver is driven by its own 500 watt Class D amplifier, which pumps a total power of up to 2000 watts in a listening room. The sub can be flexibly used and configured, for example, in a home theater. Oh, and of course the classic VU-meter is not missing either!

Needless to say, this McIntosh PS2K also has a hefty price tag. But if you can spare €60,000 you will get something nice.