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Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is coming up!

Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is coming up!

It’s that time of the year again: the leaves are falling from the trees, the days are getting shorter and Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is just around the corner!

Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is celebrating its eighth edition this year, and the venue is still the well-known Willem II stadium in Dutch Tilburg. We received a long (but informative!) piece of text detailing what there will be to experience. We publish it (although slightly abridged …) in full below, in the word of the (enthusiast) organizers. But well, let’s be honest: a nice show is always a nice thing!

But first the practical stuff:

Audio Show iEar’ 2023

  • Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November
  • Willem II stadium Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • Opening hours 10.00 – 18.00 hours
  • Over 75 manufacturers in more than 30 listening rooms
  • Various product introductions & special guests
  • Free entrance
  • Free and ample parking
  • Free shuttle transportation between Tilburg CS and stadium (made possible by Van Mossel Audi Tilburg)
  • Website / Facebook

And then the promised message:

Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is the 8th edition of the country’s biggest and most fun audio show and offers much of the best available on the audio market. A wonderfully diverse mix
from accessible and affordable audio equipment to exclusive high end products. The venue is the Koning Willem II Stadium in Tilburg. A fantastic location with plenty of parking which is easily accessible via the adjacent A58 motorway or with the free shuttle service from Tilburg CS.

Of course iEar’ will again provide the necessary scoops and special guests. The
importers and manufacturers will give beautiful demonstrations, workshops and introduce you to all the beauty available in the audio field.

Participating manufacturers and importers

Brands: Nagra
Exhibition space(s): B10 (first floor)

Made in Switzerland! The cliché “Built like a Swiss watch” is impossible to resist, although reminiscent of watchmakers, it should be “built like a Nagra.” Nagra high-end audio equipment stands for extremely precise and detailed reproduction of everything you want to experience in music. So be sure to come and meet this newcomer to iEar”s high-end portfolio, room B10 on the first floor.
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Exhibit space(s): N5 (1st floor)

CDVinyl4U offers high quality CD’s and Lp’s from different labels, known for their level of quality and different formats. CD Vinyl 4U provides the following formats, among others: SACD, SHM-SACD, XRCD and K2HD CDs. The LP labels offered by CD Vinyl 4U are also from leading names such as Stockfisch Recordings, Original Master recordings by Mobile Fidelity and Speakerscorner. Also, the CD Vinyl 4U booth will feature the necessary hi-fidelity audio accessories, and if there’s something for you among those, you can take it home right away!
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Brands: Bluesound, Dali, NAD
Exhibition space(s): S7/8 (2nd floor)

Dali Benelux, as the name suggests, is the distributor of Dali loudspeakers. But also the electronics brand NAD and the streaming audio brand Bluesound. All beautiful products that have more than earned their spurs. The package of Dali speakers offers something for everyone, from passive to active speakers, from entry-level to high-end, from wired to wireless. The common thread running through most of these brands’ products is the BluOS streaming audio platform. This high-end streaming audio platform, made for music lovers, will have plenty of attention at this show. Not least because a completely new version of BluOS will be released with a new interface and many new features, but also because there will be an introduction of the best product with BluOS on board, namely the NAD Master M66!
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Brands: Cambridge Audio, Cardas, Diptyque, Kora, Melco, Nuprime, Scansonic, Silent Angel
Exhibit space(s): Z4 (1st floor)

Dimex is known as an importer of Cambridge Audio. And with this British manufacturer there are always wonderful hi-fi systems to see and hear, such as the recently introduced EVO models that are currently conquering the hearts of many music lovers. But of course, Dimex has much more in its portfolio. In the streaming audio field, for example, the solutions from Melco and Silent Angel. In addition, Dimex always conjures up one or more good-sounding surprises from the hat before the show with brands such as Kora, Scansonic and Diptyque. A visit to the space of Dimex will be more than worthwhile, because as in previous years, there will be wonderful demonstrations.
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Brands: Feliks Audio, Hifiman, Meze Audio
Exhibit space(s): S0 (2nd floor)

Importer Dune Blue has had its focus on personal audio for years. The enormous growth, innovation and diversity of products in this segment has inspired Dune Blue to work hard to become the most specialized distributor of personal audio in the Benelux. And they have more than succeeded. Are you ready for a melodious and personal music experience? Then come to room S0 of Dune Blue, the Valhalla of headphones and related products, such as headphone preamplifiers. Of course, you can listen to them all. You’ll find brands like Hifiman, Meze Audio and Feliks Audio!
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Brands: Auralic, Dynaudio
Exhibit space(s): Z3 (1st floor)

The Danish company Dynaudio won awards this year for its new Focus active speaker system. The prestigious Eisa Award was presented to the Focus 50 as being the best active speaker system on the market. In addition to this line, Dynaudio will perform its top line Confidence at the show, and attention will be focused on the new Nordic Silver version in the Contour i series. And if it’s all not enough we find two introductions on the Auralic side. The G2 series has been addressed and significantly improved on numerous fronts, so we are happy to introduce you to the Aries G2.2 and Vega G2.2. If you want even better quality on streaming audio, come to the Dynaudio Benelux space.
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Brands: McIntosh, Rotel, Sonus faber, Sumiko
Exhibition space(s): N2 (1st floor), S11 A6 (2nd floor)

Many, many new products and even a completely new brand at Fine Sounds Benelux. Even more ultimate hifi products in the stable of Fine Sounds Benelux, McIntosh, Sonus faber and recently also Rotel importer. To present all this at the show we find the brands of this importer in no less than three rooms! McIntosh is one of the most desirable high-end audio brands and made name and fame in its already more than 70 years of existence. The new MC451 mono power amplifier and the MHT300 AV receiver make the package even broader. Besides all the wonderful passive speaker lines of the Italian Sonus faber, an active wireless speaker system is now also introduced. Finally, there is Rotel, this Japanese manufacturer has long been known for its very high-quality amplifiers that are perfectly affordable. This year many new models will be introduced, both in the 14 series and the 15 series and the top line Michi
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Brands: Hegel, KEF
Exhibit space(s): B1 (first floor), M1 M2 (1st floor)

GP Acoustics is known as a distributor of KEF loudspeakers and also carries the Norwegian electronics brand Hegel. Often a very pleasant combination. This year the new KEF R Meta series was introduced, speakers with techniques from the higher Reference and Blade series, but much more affordable. A very interesting line thus for the true music lover, which also features the groundbreaking META technology. At Hegel we will be introduced to the new H600 integrated amplifier and Viking CD player. And to keep all these demonstrations on track, brand ambassador Johan Coorg of KEF, assisted by Anders Ertzeid of Hegel, will again make their appearance. Jan Douwe Kroeske, known for his many radio and TV programs, will also be present again. With him you can participate in a pop quiz, where you can also win great prizes! So off to the three KEF & Hegel rooms!
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Brands: ETI Research, Fyne Audio, Heed, New Horizon, NTEC, Ortofon, PlenQ, REL
Exhibit space(s): A3 (2nd floor)

The hifi and music lover can always enjoy himself at HNNY Benelux, because
beautiful, especially analog products can be found there. Superb speakers from Fyne Audio, cabling from ETI Research and NTEC, elements and turntable accessories from Ortofon, turntables from New Horizon, equipment from Heed, subwoofers from REL and audio racks from PlenQ. Come browse HNNY Benelux in room A3 on the 2nd floor of the stadium for many fine hifi products and gadgets.
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Brands: Artsound, Music Hall, Rekkord Audio, Victrola
Exhibit space(s): S6 (2nd floor)

House of Music is a distributor and developer of audio brands, with a portfolio of products for every consumer looking for the essence of sound and music. Within its own brand ArtSound, you will find all audio for the home. Products from brands such as Music Hall, Rekkord Audio and Victrola are an excellent complement to this

Brands: IsoAcoustics, Speaker Snap
Exhibit space(s): B7 (first floor)

The popularity of IsoAcoustics’ products is growing rapidly. This company
developed a unique, patented insulation technique that ensures that any contact
between product and surface is eliminated. So it is ideal for setting up audio equipment, such as speakers, amplifiers, source equipment and turntables. This results in an authentic and uncolored sound from your setup, something every music lover strives for. Since the advent of IsoAcoustics, it is unthinkable that your speaker is not already on a set of Gaia’s! And to reinforce this, during the show the unique A-B demonstration will be done with a top system. You won’t know what you hear! So IsoAcoustics you can not get out of it, witness also the many awards that this brand has won. And when you are convinced, you can buy your IsoAcoustics accessory right away.
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Brands: Rega, Totem
Exhibit space(s): S5 A2 (2nd floor)

Belgian importer Joenit carries the traditional analog British brand Rega. Rega enjoys fame with its beautiful line of turntables, from entry-level to high-end. Rega turntables have been a benchmark in the market for years, with the finest models, phenomenal performance and all manufactured with pure passion in the UK. This year, Rega celebrates its 50th anniversary and to that end released a number of new versions of existing models, as well as a 50th anniversary model based on the popular Planar 3. And to top it all off at the show was the introduction of a new flagship model, the Rega Naia. In short, enough food for great Rega demonstrations that Joenit provides at audio shows. The Totem loudspeakers, another member of the Joenit line-up, are also used for these demonstrations.
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Brands: Adeo, ForMovie, KannexPro, Optoma
Exhibit space(s): S14 (2nd floor)

Klankbart, contrary to what the name suggests (‘klank’ means ‘sound’ in Dutch), delivers the finest solutions in picture display. Home cinema and large image experiences are more popular than ever and what could be better than a very large screen in your living room or even your own cinema room. Klankbart has wonderful solutions for this from Optoma, Adeo, ForMovie and KannexPor that will be demonstrated in room S14 on the 2nd floor. For example, the new Formovie Theater Ultra-short-throw projector and the new UHZ66 Laser projector from Optoma. In addition, a projection surface from Adeo, which is also suitable for projecting a fabulous picture in bright environments.
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Brands: Chord Company, Focal, Naim Audio
Exhibit space(s): N1 (1st floor), S15 S16 (2nd floor)

Importers Latham Audio and Smart Audio merged at the beginning of this year under the name Latham Audio. And this brought the Naim Audio and Focal brands together on the Benelux market. Something that happened on a level higher many years earlier when the manufacturers Focal and Naim Audio merged in 2011. With these brands, this “new” importer has a fantastic assortment of which the cables of Chord Company are also part. At Naim Audio, there is a lot of news this year. Earlier this year the New Classic 200 models saw the light of day and at the show the New Classic 300 models will be introduced. Both systems will be demonstrated at the show on Focal Utopia, Sopra and Kanta speakers, the finest models in Focal’s lineup. In addition, you can experience the Head-fi Experience from both brands in a separate room with Focal’s beautiful headphones and Naim’s (streaming audio) controls. So be sure to visit the three Latham Audio rooms at the show!
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Brands: LG televisions
Exhibit space(s): A4 (2nd floor)

The inventor of OLED technology is present again this year at Audio Show iEar’ 2023 with the latest OLED devices. A technology that is still in full development and offers absolutely the best picture in 4K and now also in 8K. And after all, that’s what it’s all about when you’re watching your favorite movie, series or sports game. LG: “Life’s Good.”
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Brands: Lightpower Collection
Exhibition space(s): Z5 (1st floor)

The Lightpower Collection consists of photographs and original album covers of many of the greatest artists captured by legendary photographers such as Neal Preston, Bob Gruen, Chris Floyd, Henry Diltz and many others. This Lightpower Collection is exhibited and managed by the Limelight Gallery. In doing so, parts of the collection are also made available for events. At Audio Show iEar’ this year, you can therefore become acquainted with this magnificent collection, where charity is paramount. All proceeds from exhibitions and sales of art prints and merchandise will benefit foundations such as “Behind the Scenes,” “Backup – The Technical Entertainment Charity” and “#handforahand.”
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Brands: Bowers & Wilkins, Classé, Denon, Marantz
Exhibit space(s): Z1 Z2 (1st floor)

Masimo (formerly Sound United and D M) houses a selection of beautiful hifi brands with resounding names like Bowers & Wilkins, Marantz, Classé and Denon. Brands that have more than earned their spurs, but also come up with numerous innovative products every year. We will see many of these at the show again this year. Two rooms will again be transformed into true audio temples. One room where Masimo will demonstrate the best of its stable with the new Signature speakers from the Bowers & Wilkins 800 series and electronics from Classé, with the new Delta Pre mkII. In the other room, we will get to know the other new products launched this year, such as the Bowers & Wilkins 600 series, the new streaming audio products from Denon, the new stereo hi-fi components from Marantz, Model 50 and CD 50n and the new headphone line from Bowers & Wilkins. Product specialists will be on hand for the demonstrations. We look forward to seeing you in the rooms of Masimo
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Brands: Geneva, Leema, Monitor Audio, Pathos, Roksan, Transrotor, Unison Research
Exhibit space(s): S12 S13 (2nd floor)

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, the well-known lines from speaker manufacturer Monitor Audio offer quality in every class. The new Platinum 3G will be the focus of demonstrations by importer Monitor Audio Netherlands, for which product specialist Jeremy Brown will also come over from the UK. Also presented will be the new brands Pathos and Unison Research, which this year came under the wings of Monitor Audio Netherlands. In the other room of this importer we find a brand that has been carried for years, the German Transrotor. This manufacturer of high-end turntables will show a beautiful selection from its collection. Philipp Sigmund will stop by to share with you all the ins and outs of analog audio. Lovers of top sound can take their seats in the rooms of Monitor Audio Netherlands.
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Brands: Blumenhofer, Dr. Feickert, Reed, Trafomatic, Van den Hul
Exhibition space(s): N4 (1st floor)

Importer Music2 has already won the iEar’ Show Award for Best Sound several times. At Music2 there is always a fantastic high-end system on display, with which they aim high. And that is not difficult when you look at the beautiful brands in the range. This year, in addition to the elements of the Dutch company Van den Hul, the cable and electronics assortment was added. The electronics components from Van den Hul are thus now also available in the Netherlands, and this year’s show will be used by Aalt Jouk van den Hul to introduce the completely new The Grail SX. A flagship phono preamplifier with which the analog audio will feel on top of the world. Van den Hul’s cables will also receive renewed attention, as they include many special and incredibly good cables. In the space of Music2 it is going to be interesting and again very spectacular!
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Brands: Hifi Rose, iFi Audio, Roon, Sendy, Sennheiser, Volumio
Exhibition space(s): S1 S2 (2nd floor)

Network Media Systems is a distributor specializing in streaming audio and portable audio products with hifi performance. Network Media Systems carries brands including Roon, Hifi Rose, iFi Audio and Volumio. Pioneering products in the field of streaming audio. Many products are highly regarded and have won numerous HiFi awards. This year Network Media Systems also took over the complete distribution of Sennheiser in the Netherlands and they fell head over heels in doing so. To expand the successful Ambeo soundbar series, the Mini was added this year after the introduction of the Plus last year. Together with the Max, this makes a very complete high-end soundbar range, which also includes a wireless subwoofer, which can be connected up to four units wirelessly in one system. So the two rooms Network Media Systems will set up at the show will be all about streaming audio solutions on the one hand, and soundbar and headfi products on the other.
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Brands: Audio Physic, Creaktiv, Primare, System Audio
Exhibit space(s): B8 B9 (first floor)

PAI Audio Video represents a selection of brands that perform at top level and at the same time are very affordable. So that makes the offerings of this importer very interesting. On the one hand, they represent the traditional hi-fi installation with systems consisting of Primare equipment and Audio Physic loudspeakers. On the other hand, they are active in the market of integrated, active and wireless speaker systems with System Audio. This year Home Cinema joined them again, as manufacturer Primare released a contemporary AV receiver with the SPA25. A machine that sounds matchless, not least because Dirac Live is available. Soon the SP25 surround processor is expected, which is excellent together with the A35.8 multi-channel power amplifier. As an introduction, PAI audio video will do a multi-channel music demonstration at the show with Primare and Audio Physic, among others. You’ll find the rooms directly on the first floor, right after the main entrance.
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Brands: Box-Design, Pro-Ject
Exhibit space(s): A8 (2nd floor)

When CD took the world by storm in 1991, Pro-Ject decided to start producing turntables. And with great success. The demand for better turntables has always remained and LPs are very much listened to again. Indeed, with the CD being overtaken by streaming audio, the market for vinyl players is once again growing. Why? Because the analog sound is fantastic and you can have fun with it, pick music and swoon away. Wonderful right! Pro-ject’s range has grown tremendously over the years to a sophisticated assortment today. The current generation of Debut EVO models is trendsetting, both in design and performance. In addition, there are many more model lines, from entry-level to high-end. All models will be presented in room A8 on the 2nd floor.
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Brands: Advance Paris, Elac
Exhibit space(s): B3 (first floor)

Servi-Q will again be demonstrating a beautiful setup in room B3 on the first floor. This space can be accessed from outside from the yellow carpet next to the main entrance. From their stable they will bring a sophisticated set-up of the latest models from the Advance Paris electronics collection. Those beautiful devices with eye-catching gauges! Driven will be the latest Elac Elegant BS312.2 speaker. A system that sounds fantastic and is also very affordable. Top sound does not necessarily need the highest budget. The room will also feature the other novelties of Advance Paris and Elac brands. Sit back for a pleasant experience with these brands!
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Brands: Sony televisions
Exhibit space(s): A4 (2nd floor)

Sony is launching its new top series OLED A95L this fall. The absolute best in picture quality and functionality, which belongs to Sony’s master series. The best OLED TV to date, powered by the new generation of revolutionary Cognitive Processor XR. Enjoy unparalleled contrast with extreme brightness and pure blacks in a design with seamless picture edge. A true first at the show. Be sure to come see this line of the very best televisions, it could soon be hanging on the wall in your home!
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Brands: Arcam, Audeze, Esoteric, Grimm Audio, Halcro, Mola Mola, Ruark Audio, Vivid Audio
Exhibit space(s): B12 (first floor)

Terrason Audio is an importer specializing in ultimate high-end audio brands. Check out the portfolio: Vivid Audio, Mola Mola, Arcam, Grimm Audio, Halcro and recently Esoteric was added. An insane collection of brands with top equipment. On shows guarantee demonstration of the best installations, always a real treat for eye and ear. No expense is spared and this year we will be introduced to a large number of beautiful new products. Thus, the new MU2 of Grimm Audio will be presented. Halcro will introduce the new Eclipse preamplifier, Arcam will introduce the Radia stereo series and Esoteric will expand the 05 Series with a Master Clock. With the beautiful speakers of Vivid Audio, including the top model Giya G1S, it will again be a party in the room of Terrason Audio. As an enthusiast you should not miss this, at the familiar spot, room B12 on the first floor.
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Brands: AudioQuest, GoldenEar
Exhibition space(s): A1 (2nd floor), B11 (first floor)

AudioQuest is the American manufacturer of high-quality audio & video cables and has been a household name among hifi enthusiasts for years. Both beginning and advanced audiophiles will find the right cables and accessories to connect their complete set in the product range. Also in the world of power supply AudioQuest asserts itself by the presence of high-quality mains filters and powercords. This adds dynamics, detail and eliminates noise. A number of new PowerQuest models are being introduced this year, the 303, 505 and 707. During the Audio Show, AudioQuest will also pay ample attention to the many high-quality speaker cables, power cords and digital interlinks in its package. Demonstrations will also be given with the speaker brand GoldenEar which AudioQuest has under its wings.
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Brands: Audi
Exhibition space(s): B4 (first floor)

The automotive partner of Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is Van Mossel Audi Tilburg. If you travel by public transport to the show, you can make free use of the shuttle service between Tilburg Central Station – Willem II Stadium – Tilburg Central Station. Made possible by Van Mossel Audi Tilburg with two electric Audi e-Tron bolides, recognizable by the Audio Show iEar’ logo.
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Brands: Atoll Electronique, Perlisten, Supra cable
Exhibition space(s): S17 (2nd floor)

Importer Viertron is moving to a new, larger space S17 on the 2nd floor. This additional space will be used to better showcase their beautiful products in the package. French company Atoll Electronique is building hard on its range of streaming audio products. From audio streamers to all-in-one products and all very good sounding at attractive prices. This is definitely the place to go and listen. You can also find the Supra Cable brand here. This cable and accessory manufacturer has long been bringing very affordable products to the market that all excel in their class. The speaker cables, power products and network and USB cables are unique! This year special attention to the SPC power blocks and cables, which deliver high-end performance at very accessible prices. So Viertron would like to welcome you to their new space S17 where you can also get acquainted with Perlisten’s loudspeakers.
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Brands: Yamaha
Exhibit space(s): N3 (1st floor), S9 (2nd floor)

Yamaha has been a well-known player in the hifi landscape for decades. A producer of traditionally good sounding hifi products equipped with contemporary and progressive technology. For example, this year saw the release of the True X surround system, a true wireless streaming audio and TV audio system. The Yamaha MusicCast system was also further developed with the arrival of no less than three new all-in-one stereo receivers. In addition to the top model launched last year, the series now consists of four, an ideal choice for putting together a balanced hi-fi system. All this beauty in the large Yamaha room on the 1st floor and, in addition, a second room on the 2nd floor will be occupied to present the fantastic Yamaha YH-5000SE high-end headphones along with the new preamplifier specially designed for them. Come sit back and enjoy this amazing individual listening experience
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Special Guests

In addition to all these fantastic products, there will also be a number of prominent special guests from the audio industry. How often do you come into contact with them? Especially for you they come from all parts of the world to provide the finest demonstrations and workshops.This year’s lineup

Aalt Jouk van den Hul

Founder Van den Hul
From the Netherlands on behalf of importer Music2
Room N4, 1st floor

Anders Ertzeid

Product specialist from Hegel
From Norway on behalf of importer GP Acoustics
Room B1, firstfloor

Guido Schuetze

Product specialist from Audio Physic
From Germany on behalf of importer PAI audio video
Room B9, first floor

Henrik Hoxbro

Product specialist from System Audio
From Denmarkon behalf of importer PAI audio video
Room B8, first floor

Jan Douwe Kroeske

Presenter / KEF pop quiz
From the Netherlands on behalf of importer GP Acoustics
Room B1, firstfloor

Jeremy Brown

Product specialist from Monitor Audio
From England on behalf of importer Monitor Audio Netherlands
Room S12, 2nd floor

Johan Coorg

Brand Ambassador of KEF
From England on behalf of importer GP Acoustics
Room M1, 1stfloor

Mark Ragett

Product specialist from Naim Audio
From England on behalf of importer Latham Audio
Room N1,1st floor

Olaf Steinert

Product specialist from Focal
From France on behalf of importer Latham Audio
Room N1,1st floor

Ole Witthøft

Product specialist from System Audio
From Denmark on behalf of importer PAI audio video
Room B8, first floor

Otto Jørgensen

Product specialist from Dynaudio
From Denmark on behalf of importer Dynaudio Benelux
Room Z3, 1st floor

Pete Dixon

Product specialist from Cambridge Audio
From England on behalf of importer Dimex Reference Audio Equipment
Room Z4, 1st floor

Philipp Sigmund

Product specialist from Transrotor
From Germany on behalf of importer Monitor Audio Netherlands
Room S13, 2nd floor

Richard Bates

Product specialist from Auralic
From England on behalf of importer Dynaudio Benelux
Room Z3, 1st floor

Siemen Algra

Product specialist from Primare
From Denmark on behalf of importer PAI audio video
Room B9, first floor

Free exhibition catalog

Especially for Audio Show iEar’ 2023, a very thick, luxurious and glossy exhibition catalog will be produced again this year. This year’s edition will be over 110 pages thick! Packed with show news, participant information, product news and much more. You will receive the catalog for free at the entrance of the show. If you want to receive the exhibition catalog for free at home prior to the show, please request it! The exhibition catalog will then be delivered to your home approx. 10 days prior to the show.

You can request it via this page until November 5

Prize package worth € 13,000

As if the treat Audio Show iEar’ 2023 is not big enough, as a visitor before and during the show you also have the chance to win awesome prizes with a total value of no less than € 12,500! Prior to the show we will raffle off half of the total prize package via the win question on Hifi.nl. The other half can be won at the show by filling in a winning ticket. So take part, the chance to win an awesome prize has never been bigger!

Audio Show iEar’ 2023- HIFI Awards

Each year, the finest and/or newest products are nominated to win a coveted Audio Show iEar’ Hifi Award. In ten categories, a varying number of products are nominated to be crowned best product. It is up to visitors to Audio Show iEar’ 2023 to vote for their preferred product in each category. All categories may be voted on. The ballot box opens on Oct. 20 and the last day for voting is Sunday, Nov. 19, until noon. The show participants will display the nominated products in their spaces and can use the show days to ask the public to vote for their products. The awards ceremony will take place at the show on Sunday afternoon. Voting is available in a range of categories, but since it’s really all going to be a bit too long otherwise, we’ll leave those for now.

Another thing we won’t include here is the long list of firsts on the roll. What is true is that there is a lot to experience. Go and enjoy, we would say