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Kalista Mantax, DAC with distinctive design

Kalista Mantax, DAC with distinctive design

The Kalista Mantax DAC stands out first and foremost because of its unusual shape. Not a boring rectangular box, but something creative.

Well, the little creative rectangular boxes also have their advantages. Stackability, for example. With the new Kalista Mantax there is little to stack, it has to find a place on top of another device or loose on the table. By the way, Kalista is the luxury design brand of the perhaps significantly better known Metronome. The Kalista Mantax is designed to fit seamlessly with the DreamPlay X (see photo at the top, nothing of the Mantax itself can be found on the manufacturer’s site at the time of writing) from the same brand. And in that combination, stacking suddenly turns out to be possible again. Both devices communicate via a patented proprietary I2S system. The actual digital-to-analog conversion is handled by two separate AKM and ESS DACs. Makes a range of output profiles available.

Black Pearl, Diamond or custom

The signal coming from the DACs can be handled by tubes or semiconductors, whichever way you like the sound better. The Kalista Mantax DAC is available in Black Pearl and Diamond versions. Other custom options are available, upon request and, of course, with an equally custom price tag. The “standard” versions cost €59000.