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Pro-Ject Dark Side Of The Moon turntable

Pro-Ject Dark Side Of The Moon turntable

Pro-ject – known for its special themed models of turntables has released a limited Dark Side Of The Moon edition.

If you want something special in terms of design in your living room, are devoted to vinyl and have warm feelings for the work of Pink Floyd, the new Pro-Ject turntable is the right choice. This special edition was released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon album. The iconic cover with the prism is – we think – successfully “recreated”. There is the triangular glass turntable and a rainbow projected by LEDs in just the right place. The protruding on/off handle on this Pro-Ject acts as the incoming beam of white light. A dimming function has been thought of too, for when the colored light show might be a bit too much for you to handle.

Everything included

Included is a low resonance 8.6-inch tone arm, consisting of acrylic and black aluminum. There is also the Pick It Pro Special Edition cartridge, so you can start listening right away. Also handy is the also included 7″ single adapter. Then again, this special and limited edition is not very cheap. Pro-Ject asks €1799 for it. But after going for it, you own something special.