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Alpha in Belgium organizes shows

Alpha in Belgium organizes shows

The Belgian store Alpha organizes various shows with interesting themes in the coming days and in following weekends.

To start with, from Sunday, November 5 through November 7, it is time at Alpha in Brasschaat for Bluesound & BluOS. This will involve workshops and demos, more information on how the days will unfold can be found on this page. Then we go to the weekend of November 18 and 19, with The Gryphon Show on the roll. First, there you can experience the premiere of the Gryphon Diablo 333 integrated amplifier. It will be paired with the equally new EOS2 speakers during the show. More information about this weekend here. Then finally, the weekend of November 25 and 26, when the “How low can you go” show is scheduled. Theme is “Is a subwoofer an added value in a traditional stereo setup or is it only recommended in surround (read cinema)?

You can find Alpha (not related to Alpha-Audio, by the way) at 1031 Bredabaan in Brasschaat. That’s where the How Low can you go show takes place. You should be at the Uccle branch at 21 Joseph Benzstraat for Bluesound Days and The Gryphon Show. Online you can find alpha on this site.