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Audes Power Conditioner in white

Audes Power Conditioner in white

The Audes Power Conditioner (actually there are several variants) is now also available in white. And actually on request in all available RAL colors!

The days when a product was only available in black are long behind us. Shown for example by the Audes Power Conditioner in that is now available in white too. You don’t pay anything extra for it, so that’s a plus in itself. But perhaps much more interesting is, that you can choose any other color from the RAL spectrum if you wish! Depending on the color you choose, there is a specific price tag, so please check before ordering. #opinionalert: But fair is fair: as far as we are concerned, many more manufacturers could offer this option. Because it would allow you to put together a complete set in the color you want. In bright pink, if necessary.

DC filter

The Audes Power Conditioner has a built-in DC filter. This guarantees neutral sound reproduction on connected equipment. According to the manufacturer, it makes no difference whether it is a semiconductor or tube device that you are using. Whereby – still according to Audes – the filter must give particularly good results in combination with power amplifiers. Thanks to the low output impedance, power peaks that are occasionally demanded by a consumer can be handled very well.