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ELAC Elegant BS 312.2 speaker

ELAC Elegant BS 312.2 speaker

With the all-new ELAC Elegant BS 312.2, the manufacturer takes another step in the tradition of this series, with yet more improvements on board.

Importer-distributor Servi-Q nicely articulates the history of the ELAC Elegant speakers: ‘In 1995 the journey of the most successful ELAC model ever began with the Elegant 305. Over the years, this speaker went through a development similar to that of the Porsche 911. Constantly improving a successful model has been elevated as a true art by both brands‘. But in fact only one thing has remained true to that very first one: the aluminum housing. Under the hood, much was changed and improved with each version. The new ELAC Elegant BS 312.2 is no exception.

Always state of the art

The Elegant series has had all versions of the in-house Jet tweeter on board, while the drivers themselves have also been constantly renewed. Meanwhile, we see in the ELAC Elegant BS 312.2 the current generation aluminum sandwich crystal cone. The brand-new JET 6 is also almost naturally present. The woofer has a larger voice coil and an even more powerful magnet, and for the first time bi-wiring speaker terminals have been applied.

Servi-Q: ‘If a loudspeaker has to be absolutely small and audiophile properties are a must, you end up with this Elegant BS 312.2. Its A4-sized nickname makes its size clear. Buyers of this type of speaker are often also design-conscious. With the introduction of the Elegant BS-312.2, many accessories also become available, which can also be used on all predecessor models!’

According to your own wishes and preferences

The Elegant BS 312.2 is delivered without fronts/grills. For the personal touch, you can choose from a metal grill or magnetic grills in 8 different color combinations. There will even be a tool available to design your own fabric front design. Furthermore, an aluminum Base is available that features rubber damping material, ideal if the speaker is placed on a piece of furniture. This Base can also serve as an adjustment surface on the ELAC LS 60 speaker stand on which the speaker can be firmly fixed.

You will have to pay €899 each for the ELAC Elegant BS 312.2.