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English Electric EE1

English Electric EE1

The English Electric EE1 is a practically small-designed network noise suppressor, completely passively setup.

The passive design of the English Electric EE1 network noise suppressor makes it very simple to use. Just place the ‘dongle’ between your switch and streamer and you’re done. No power adapter is needed, so no extra cables running across the table (or having to be hidden away). Internally, the EE1 uses both galvanic and common mode noise suppression techniques. On the output side, that should produce a clean, low-noise signal.

Usable in multiple ways

According to the manufacturer, the English Electric EE1 can be used in multiple ways. As already mentioned placing it in between a streamer and switch, but also between a router and switch is possible. Additional noise reduction can then – still according to the manufacturer – be achieved by using multiple EE1s. Think of one between router and switch and one between switch and (for example again that) streamer. Working this way does increase the costs of course.

The EE1 costs £250, during a short-term promotional offer (at the moment of writing this article) you get a three-quarter meter C-Streaming cable worth £61.88 with it.