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Audio-Life organiseert show inclusief catering

Audio-Life organiseert show inclusief catering

Visit Audio-Life on December 16, where a show spread over two listening rooms will be organized then.

Headlining the show scheduled for December 16 at Audio-Life are the Audio Note AN-E HE plus the Meishu Tonmeister Silver and a pair of Avantgarde Acoustic Trio’s along with the Riviera Pré and AFM 50 monoblocks. As sources, Audio-Life uses the Audio Note CDT 5 and DAC 5. Grimm Audio also gets to perform its tricks, in shape of the new MU2 to be exact.

In the words of Audio-Life, ‘In our first listening room, The AvantGarde Acoustic Trio will be demonstrated. We do this with top-of-the-line equipment from Riviera, this time with the newly arrived AFM 50 mono blocks driven by the APL01 SE preamp. Avantgarde Acoustic’s Trio G3 is a phenomenal design that is all about musicality. Rarely have we heard music playback sounding so live! The finish of this speaker system is of a high level. It gives the listener a feeling of luxury and richness and at the same time it sounds like you are sitting in a beautiful hall. We invite everyone to come and listen to this beautiful and special system’.

Even more beauty

And then, as promised, there is another listening room. In the announcement we read what is set up there: ‘In our second listening room we will introduce you to what we think is one of the best and most musical loudspeakers on the market: The Audio Note AN-E HE. This classic speaker design hasn’t actually been changed since the 1950s, and that’s a good thing. These speakers fit right into our Audio-life philosophy: The AN-E has a rich, saturated sound and is utterly musical! These are speakers that “just” make music, touch you and convey emotion. We showcase the Audio Note AN-E in combination with the legendary Audio Note 300B Meishu Tonmeister Silver amplifier‘.

Please sign in

You are welcome on Saturday, Dec. 16, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. at Audio-Life, located in beautiful Buren (and also found online ). However, advance registration is necessary, which can be done by sending an email. Coffee and “lots of snacks” will be provided, or so the promise goes!