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Elipson Heritage XLS7

Elipson Heritage XLS7

The new Elipson Heritage XLS7 is a classic-looking bookshelf speaker, but obviously packed with modern technology.

Retro lovers – in terms of design – will enjoy the new Elipson Heritage XLS7. In terms of appearance, the speakers breathe past times, but internally everything is modern, of course. For example, it is a two-way bass reflex system. That bass reflex port is located at the front. The mids are handled by a 6.5-inch driver and the treble by a 0.87-inch silk dome tweeter. Nice detail is the ability to adjust the mid and high frequencies to your liking (and to the requirements of the listening room), using the dedicated dial. Should you wish, suitable stands are available. But of course, a bookshelf speaker also feels quite at home on a bookshelf.

The Elipson Heritage XLS7 can be driven with a power of between 30 and 120 watts. The frequency range of the speaker runs from 49 Hz to 25 kHz. The price is manageable, you will have to pay €799 per pair for them.