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JCAT ULTIMO, ‘the ultimate PSU’

JCAT ULTIMO, ‘the ultimate PSU’

The freshly launched JCAT ULTIMO power supply is labeled by the manufacturer itself as the ultimate PSU. Admittedly, the specs are pretty good indeed!

The JCAT ULTIMO is a high end power supply designed specifically for audiophiles and anyone who is enthusiastic about hi-fi. According to the manufacturer, it is the ideal PSU for example for the JCAT USB and network cards, the Master OCXO clock and any other component that needs a supply voltage of 5 or 12 volts. The basis of the power supply is a custom made transformer that should guarantee a pristine output voltage. Silicon Carbide diodes are used for rectification, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees minimal noise and superior sound quality. Furthermore, a three-stage design for voltage regulation and AC isolation is provided to keep its interference out as much as possible. A patented PCB design should ensure that noise paths remain as minimal as possible while maximizing energy efficiency.

Non-magnetic enclosure

The power supply is encased in a “high grade” non-magnetic enclosure. Founder of JCAT Marcin Ostapowicz on the JCAT ULTIMO:‘The ULTIMO is the result of our relentless pursuit of perfection in audio power supply design. It represents the pinnacle of our engineering expertise, delivering an unparalleled audio experience for the most discerning audiophiles‘.

The JCAT ULTIMATE costs €3500, with a delivery time of four weeks.