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Magnat Signature Edelstein speakers

Magnat Signature Edelstein speakers

The Magnat Signature Edelstein is a speaker that is wonderfully compact, yet, according to the manufacturer, still delivers a full soundstage.

Fewer and fewer people are interested in a hi-fi system that is too visible. The less AV equipment stands out, the better. And in itself, of course, there is something to be said for this. In any case, the new Magnat Signature Edelstein fits this wish perfectly. It is a two-way system, employing a mid-low driver and a tweeter. The Kapton carrier for the voice coil in the low-midrange driver should guarantee a pure midrange and increase the efficiency. The cone consists of three layers, namely ceramic, magnesium-aluminum and ceramic again.

The Signature Edelstein speaker is available in silk matte black or silk matte white for €999 per pair. Made in Germany.