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Atohm GT series demo at Bender hifi

Atohm GT series demo at Bender hifi

Bender hifi has a great scoop: they are the first store in the Netherlands where you can listen to the Atohm GT series!

On Saturday, March 2, 2024 at Bender hifi a great scoop will take place there. You can then listen to the brand new Atohm GT series. This will be the first hi-fi store in the Netherlands where this is possible. Bender:‘Come and listen and get acquainted with these speakers, handmade in France and equipped with Atohm’s best drivers, giving them an exceptionally stunning audio performance! Clear your calendar and come visit Bender hifi Saturday, March 2, at Steenstraat 54 in the Dutch city of Arnhem, so you can extensively judge for yourself how beautiful the Atohm GT series sounds and let yourself be fully immersed musically‘.

Continuous demonstrations

We read further in the demo announcement: ‘There are continuous demonstrations in our beautiful listening rooms, because of the Atohm GT series Bender hifi has connected the Atohm GT1-HD, GT2-HD and GT3-HD in three setups in perfect harmony with Cambridge Edge, Kora and Silent Angel, among others. Together with Dennis Schluter of Dimex and the Bender hifi team we will provide wonderful demonstrations. We would like to tell you more about the brand new Atohm GT series and let you get acquainted musically with these beautiful speakers. Of course Bender hifi will provide coffee and tea, because hospitality is very important to us‘.

Harald Strik, the music experience specialist and owner of Bender hifi about the Atohm GT series: “I think these speakers look beautiful with a high quality of finish and that really appeals to me. I would also like to emphasize the beautiful, natural deep sound. In addition, the price/quality ratio makes them a nice addition to our range!

Good accessibility

Bender hifi is easily accessible by car and public transportation. From Arnhem Velperpoort station it is a 250 meter walk to Bender hifi. Parking is available in the Steenstraat and from parking garage Velperpoort. From parking garage Musis it is a 250 meter walk.