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Cabasse The Pearl Myuki streaming speaker

Cabasse The Pearl Myuki streaming speaker

They remain fun, those little spheres of French origin. And in this case, we are referring to the streaming speaker in the form of the Cabasse The Pearl Myuki.

In fact, the new Cabasse The Pearl Myuki is the high-end version of a portable speaker. This is partly due to the built-in battery that when fully charged is good for up to 12 hours of playing time. A pair of 12 cm bass drivers, configured in push-pull configuration, provides a solid foundation in the low end of the sound spectrum. The whole device is has a diameter of only 17 centimeters. Another inviting plus for portable use. For optimal sound reproduction, DFE is employed, which should adjust the sound spectrum in real time, based on volume, spectrum of the content being listened to and dynamics. Furthermore, there is CRCS room calibration. This way, you’re basically always assured of an optimal sound in any location.


As far as connectivity of the Cabasse The Pearl Myuki is concerned, Wifi and Bluetooth are at your disposal. In addition, physical connections are provided, such as optical for linking to a TV, for example. There is also a 3.5mm line input, as well as an Ethernet connector. And if you are in the mood to play some music from a USB storage device, you can do so as well. Via the accompanying app you control the speaker easily, while physical (touch) buttons are also present on the speaker itself. It’s possible to use the speaker solo in mono, or go for a pair of two in stereo mode. Multiroom is not a problem either.

The Cabasse The Pearl Myuki should be available from the end of July, at a cost of €990.