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Dutch Rhapsody Spotlights Cessaro Horn Acoustics

Dutch Rhapsody Spotlights Cessaro Horn Acoustics

Dutch Rhapsody Spotlights the Unique Speakers from German Cessaro Horn Acoustics, to get you aquainted with them.

Just like our other new speaker brand, Sigma Acoustics, the German company Cessaro Horn Acoustics falls into the category of unique and groundbreaking speakers”. At least, that’s what Rhapsody believes: “From the first glance, you realize these aren’t your ‘neighbor’s horn speakers.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with other brands and models on the market, but the people behind Cessaro take the word ‘uncompromising’ as their main principle.

More Than Just ‘Typical Horns’

Horn speakers have very specific characteristics and are generally known for their distinctive sound qualities. Rhapsody: “But this stereotypical image changed instantly when we encountered the Cessaro brand at the high-end show in Munich. Yes, they are still horn speakers and they look like it. But when we took the time to examine them closely after a very convincing demo, we quickly saw that the materials used and the level of perfection went beyond anything we had ever seen in this segment.

Closer to the Live Musical Experience

The store continues its praise for Cessaro Horn Acoustics: “In the creations of this company located in the state of Hesse, the term high-end is fortunately not just a random buzzword. In fact, they build their speakers with only one goal in mind: to get closer to the live musical experience. To achieve this goal, components and materials are used in the design process that, due to their high price and complexity, are not quickly found in any other brand or competitor.

New Composite Horns

One of the aspects that make a significant difference is the newly developed composite horns. These are hand-crafted designs based on a very costly dual-shell construction with a special polymer-rubber filling. According to Rhapsody, this results in “an unprecedented natural and uncolored sound reproduction, where the typical horn character is completely absent, replaced by an exceptionally deep and engaging insight into the music.


The unique dual-shell construction alone makes the tweeter horn weigh 8 kg. This mass quickly increases to a solid 62 kg for the midrange horn, while the mid-bass horn even tips the scales at a ‘crushing’ 110 kg. “Of course, the speaker units are perfectly matched and are manufactured to specification by the well-known TAD (Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Inc). Combined with the carefully composed crossovers and the superior finish of the cabinet in all its available finishes and materials, this greatly contributes to the impressive end result,” writes Rhapsody.

Experience the Speakers Yourself

Rhapsody is a Dutch dealer. If you live in the Netherlands or nearby, you can listen with your own ears: “In addition to the existing models, of which we have the well-placed Opus 1, the Opus sub mk II, and the substantial, uncompromising AlphaIII, Cessaro also offers many customization options. The sky is the limit, provided the brand’s characteristics can be preserved. If you want to know more or would like to experience all this seriously for yourself, you just need to make an appointment with us. You might become a fan of this special brand, just like us.

If you live further away, with a bit of luck, you might also find a listening spot nearby.