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Raidho Acoustics X2.6 floorstanders

Raidho Acoustics X2.6 floorstanders

For more serious high-end work, take a look at the Raidho Acoustics X2.6, a set of solid floorstanders from Danish soil.

The new Raidho Acoustics X2.6 is packed with features that are usually only found in the higher price segment of high-end. For example, there is the in-house developed band tweeter. Just like the rest of the speaker, it is completely hand-assembled in Denmark. The bass driver has an aluminum cone covered with a ceramic layer. With this, the manufacturer claims to avoid the typical aluminum sound. Central pivot of the speakers is the crossover, set up as point-to-point circuit. Above that, cables from Nordost have also been used in this filter.

The Raidho Acoustics X2.6 stands on ceramic balls that are not visible from the outside. The speaker changes hands – in pairs – for a price of €21,000.