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Interlinks don’t do anything! Or do they? 32 rca cables analyzed

"All cables sound the same. All blind tests have already proven that!" A well-known statement within our lovely hobby. But is that really the...



We have started our HUGE Cable test!

We have started our HUGE cable test. Signal cables ánd speaker cables. In total - we estimate - more than 70 cables will be...

All reviews about audio accessories will be posted here. An accessory can be a cable, energy filter (or power conditioner), discs for decoupling, or for example acoustic adjustments.

Why use accessories?

Hifi is a beautiful hobby. But you can get lost very quickly if you don’t pay attention to the basics. That’s why we alway advice to take a critical look at the system as a whole before you get started with accessories. So: how is the amplifier? The speakers? The source? The acoustics? Is that all good? Great… now you can start tuning!

All sorts of tweaks!

Like we said: you can get lost in the world of accessories pretty quickly! Because of that, we advice to try one accessory at a time. Don’t mix them when you are testing the effect.

We also advice to start with power. Try some power conditioners before you get in to the real details like anti-resonance tweaks.

After power conditioning, try some power cables and after that start with (better) interlinks and (better) speaker cables.

From cabling, you can tweak the rack and get in to the resonance tweaks.


What about acoustics? Well… that is not really a tweak. It’s part of the basics of hifi. We believe that your room is half of your sound. With that in mind: treating your room is vital.