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Acoustics play a very important role in the reproduction. You should see it as one of the most important parts of your audio system. That’s one of the reasons why we pay regular attention to it at Alpha Audio. We do this with both workshops and background articles.


Acoustics can be influenced in several ways. It can be done passively by tackling the room with diffusers or absorbers. Some panels can both scatter and absorb sound.


You can also actively correct the space. This can be done with special processors that know with measurements what space does. They correct deviations using advanced DSP techniques. Examples of this kind of devices come from Trinnov, Dirac, Paradigm, Anthem and for example Illusonic. These are very advanced measuring devices that measure your room with a microphone and can solve problems with that data.


There’s no question of better or worse here. ARC – Active Room Correction – cannot perform miracles. For example, reflections cannot be solved with Active Room Correction. So there is always a good basis to work with.