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Zuma Lumisonic, luminous ceiling speaker

Zuma Lumisonic, luminous ceiling speaker

The new Zuma Lumisonic is a speaker designed by the B&W engineer who also signed on for the latter brand’s Nautilus.

Actually, it makes sense: you mount lights to the ceiling. Normally that requires some drilling. Build in  lights also require chiseling (or a suspended ceiling). Speakers are actually quite cumbersome things in the living room, so some people choose build in speakers. And if you go for the latter, the combination of a nice light and a speaker is not bad at all.

That is exactly what the Zuma Lumisonic is. You will find an energy-efficient LED lamp in it, which together with the built-in speaker guarantees a neatly concealed whole.


The Zuma Lumisonic 2-way speaker can handle 75 watts. You can effortlessly play WAV, FLA and ALAC files with a quality of up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Support for AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth 4.2 have also been considered. Voice control via Alexa is an option, while you can customize the Lumisonic to your liking via the accompanying app. There you will also find all sorts of well being-presets, so you can fall asleep with the sounds of a rainstorm in the background, to name but a few.

All kinds of color and light settings make immersion in a sea of sound and light possible. Additional components are due out later this year, according to Zuma, including motion sensors and – less soothingly perhaps – smoke detectors and security modules. The Zuma Lumisonic costs £375 per unit and from this summer you can also opt for one with just an LED bulb at £125.