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Panasonic Connect compacte live switcher AV-HSW10

Panasonic Connect compacte live switcher AV-HSW10

Panasonic Connect has developed a new IP-compatible, compact live switcher, the AV-HSW10.

According to manufacturer Panasonic Connect, the new AV-HSW10 is ‘designed for easy, high-quality video streaming of academic lectures, business webinars and other live events. As the successor to Panasonic’s popular AW-HS50 live switcher, which has been widely used for live productions, the new switcher features a compact body with 10bit processing power with greater ease of use, greater reliability and advanced features such as IP compatibility, making it the ideal choice for today’s live video productions’.

Available from the fourth quarter of this year, the AV-HSW10 will be presented for the first time at the 2023 NAB Show, to be held April 15-19 in Las Vegas.

Broadcast-quality video production

The AV-HSW10 is Panasonic Connect’s answer to what they say is the ‘increasing demand for high-quality video used by corporate and educational institutions, for example, and the need for labor-saving IP compatibility in video production. It supports the most widely used broadcast protocols and features IP inputs/outputs such as NDI1¹ and SRT in addition to SDI and HDMI, all grouped into a convenient compact and highly mobile notebook format.

When combined with IP-compatible PTZ cameras, the switcher creates a simple IP-based video production system. The AV-HSW10 also supports RTMP for direct upload to streaming services and USB Video Class for compatibility with online conferencing services. The systems can be customized based on site size and platform, allowing one-man operation from production to distribution’.

Enhanced operation and robust design

‘The AV-HSW10 supports high-end production, with 10bit processing power for broadcast-quality video. In addition, the design has been further improved for even more comprehensive operation and robustness. User-friendly buttons on the main unit, a convenient T-shaped fader and intuitive displays ensure easy, error-free operation – vital for live productions.

In addition, the AV-HSW10 will be compatible with the Panasonic Software Control Panel for viewing video and images in applications, as well as easy, direct switching from a PC via a network[1], allowing multiple people to work simultaneously on location.

With IP-based operation and its high-quality video, the AV-HSW10 is the ideal choice for simplifying on-site video production and broadcasting; whether it’s a high-flex educational class, a webinar or countless other live events,” the manufacturer writes in the announcement.

Key features

  • High-definition broadcast-quality video in a compact notebook size.
  • NDI®1,2, NDI® | HX1,2,[2], SRT and RTMP[3] input/output as well as SDI and HDMI. USB connection compatible with USB Video Class. Direct streaming from the device for easy integration with online conferencing services.
  • Simple, intuitive operation for live production and rugged housing for optimum reliability.