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Denon DRA-900H 8K stereoreceiver

Denon DRA-900H 8K stereoreceiver

With the Denon DRA-900H, Denon presents its first 8K-capable stereo receiver, for anyone who prefers to keep their AV setup compact.

Denon introduces the Denon DRA-900H, the brand’s first stereo network receiver that supports 8K video. But neither does it lack hiresound nor all the options HEOS Built-in has to offer. ‘The DRA-900H offers a modern take on the classic stereo receiver with addition of the latest HDMI technology in comparison to the already groundbreaking DRA-800H. The new receiver is the ideal center for a two-channel home entertainment system, combining the accurate sound reproduction for which Denon is renowned with cinema quality picture,‘ so the manufacturer introduced its newborn

According to Denon, the DRA-900H proves ‘that stereo sound does not necessarily mean making concessions and satisfies a wide variety of needs


The Denon DRA-900H offers – in the manufacturer’s words – the following features

  • The combination of superior sound and 8K picture with high-quality sound reproduction and 8K video from a 2.2-channel AV receiver. With discrete high-current power amplifiers delivering up to 145 W per channel, the new AVR lets your stereo speakers deliver a detailed, accurate and impactful soundstage for both music and movies. For crystal clear picture quality and gaming without latency, three of the six HDMI inputs and one output are reserved specifically for 8K video, and eARC connectivity is supported to easily connect your TV.
  • A technically thought-out design for easy personalized listening, with the ability to connect two pairs of speakers so you can switch between speaker pair A and speaker pair B, parallel sound playback or bi-wiring, and dual subwoofer outputs for balanced bass throughout the room. In addition to a number of advanced HDMI inputs, CD, phono, USB, Bluetooth, DAB /FM, HEOS Music and TV Audio inputs ensure that you can enjoy your music, movies or game soundtracks as and when you want.
  • Stream high-resolution music anywhere in your home using HEOS Built-in technology. The DRA-900H can wirelessly stream music between compatible HEOS components, from popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Tidal and more, through other speakers with HEOS.
  • With support for ALAC, FLAC and WAV up to 192kHz/24-bit, as well as 2.8/5.6 MHz DSD files, you can also enjoy sublime sound quality and discover new details in your favorite high-resolution songs, whether you stream wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2, or via the AVR’s USB port.

The DRA-900H will be available through authorized Denon dealers from the end of September for €899.00. For more information on the latest Denon AV receivers, visit the manufacturer’s website.