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Sony PS 5 Pro on the way?

Sony PS 5 Pro on the way?

In fact, the tech gossip circuit has been buzzing about a Pro version since the launch of the regular Sony PS 5. Those rumors are increasing.

On Flatpanelshd.com you can find a post regarding a possible “imminent” Sony PS (PlayStation) 5 Pro. The launch date would be sometime in November next year (2024, that is). Pro features would be a higher 4K frame rate, support for 8K resolution and improved ray-tracing. The Pro’s codename internally appears to be Trinity. Not entirely illogical, as the previous internal development names were Neo for the PS 4 and Morpheus for the PS VR. All of these names stem from the Matrix movies.

Media player and streamer

PS’s like the current Sony PS 5 are game consoles, of course, but the reason they also make the rounds here with some regularity is that they are media players and streamers too. The price of such a combination is pretty darn interesting, especially if you choose one with a Blu-ray player. Whether those will be included with upcoming versions of Sony’s PS remains to be seen and possibly questionable. After all, Blu-ray is firmly on its way out. On the other hand, Sony may still want to offer users backwards compatibility to continue playing their games once purchased on Blu-ray.