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Apple tvOS 17 with ‘smart’ Dolby Vision

Apple tvOS 17 with ‘smart’ Dolby Vision
Apple tvOS 17

The just-released Apple tvOS 17 for their own set-top box features Dolby 8.1, which is said to have a nice feature on board.

There’s not a whole lot of exciting news in terms of AV functionality in the new Apple tvOS 17. In reality, there’s no need for that either: the device does what it’s supposed to do. One of the more popular options is undoubtedly that you can now transfer Facetime calls to the large TV screen. This then uses an iPhone’s main camera as a webcam, which in theory should result in fine picture quality

From Dolby Vision to HDR10

Furthermore, Dolby Vision 8.1 is present. It has a special feature on board, which should make it possible to show Dolby Vision on televisions that do not support this trick anyway. This conversion trick only works if a TV does support HDR10. Especially owners of a Samsung TV benefit from this, because there is much more Dolby Vision content than HDR10 . And Samsung devices unfortunately only support the latter. Otherwise, we see many of the novelties from iOS 17 back in Apple tvOS 17, always nice. Note that not all features are present on all models of the Apple TV. The latest 4K version can handle all the novelties in combination with tvOS 17.