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Unreal Engine adds Dolby Atmos and Vision

Unreal Engine adds Dolby Atmos and Vision

Big and good news for Dolby Atmos and Vision: Unreal Engine adds support for these HDR standards to its development tool.

Unreal Engine is the 3D development environment for games (as well as other 3D-related stuff in various scenarios). Under the hood of many of the AAA games, it’s that Unreal Engine spinning. Because it is such a widespread system, changes and additions to the platform literally and figuratively shape what you will soon see in gaming on your screen.

Next generation of games more impressive than ever

Hence, it is excellent news for Dolby that both their Atmos and Vision technologies have been added to the engine. But Samsung can be happy too, as their HDR10+ may also compete as far as Unreal is concerned. In short: an immersive Atmos sound experience can be expected in the next generation of games, and a standard supported by a large number of devices as far as HDR is concerned will guarantee even more impressive visuals.