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‘LG 2024 C4 and G4 TVs support 144 Hz’

‘LG 2024 C4 and G4 TVs support 144 Hz’

Some specs have leaked regarding LG 2024 television models, specifically the C4 and G4 sets. And that “leak” means good news for gamers.

According to this post on What Hifi (which in turn pulled the information from flatpanelshd.com), the new LG 2024 OLED TVs C4 and G4 have a nice extra for gamers on board. In fact, according to flatpanelshd.com, these sets support 144 Hz refresh rates via HDMI. The B4 also supports an extra-high refresh rate, but in this case up to “only” 120 Hz. Freesync Premium makes all that possible, with the system being able to handle a wide range of refresh rates. In the case of the already mentioned B4, for example, anything between 40 and 120 Hz. Note: all this has not yet been officially confirmed by LG. Elsewhere (Google translate is your best friend) we also read that LG may be working on a new Alpha processor, the Alpha 10.

The lineup for the LG 2024 televisions is expected to be announced at the upcoming CES in January. That’s when we’ll know for sure!