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TRPTK presents CD Marc van Roon Trio ‘Kinn’

TRPTK presents CD Marc van Roon Trio ‘Kinn’

Today TRPTK releases the new CD of the Marc van Roon Trio, entitled ‘Kinn’. ‘A surprising look at improvising,’ according to the Utrecht-based record label.

Marc van Roon (The Hague, 1967) has been playing the piano since he was ten years old and in recent decades has focused on jazz. He trained at the Royal Conservatory with Frans Elsen and studied in New York with Kenny Werner, Barry Harris and Richie Beirach. He has been represented on more than 20 albums, under his own name and with others. In 2018, Van Roon earned the academic master’s degree in social intervention from Utrecht University. Since January 2020, he has been an advisor to the Council for Culture.

Avoiding clichés

As a jazz pianist, he takes an innovative approach, avoiding clichés as much as possible. His productions bear witness to a refreshing vision in which he dares to take the necessary artistic risks. His latest project is the album ‘Kinn’ (by analogy with the word ‘kinship’) for the TRPTK label. Together with double bassist Omer Govreen and drummer Tristan Renfrow, he explores other forms of playing together. The recording was made in Schiedam’s Westvestkerk and the special acoustics of this place are an integral part of the musical result. Van Roon can be heard both on grand piano and analog synthesizer.

Breaking free from traditional rules

“In my music I want to break free from traditional rules regarding harmony and melody,” says the leader. “I choose total freedom and I have chosen my fellow musicians especially for this. They are able to enter into the adventure with an open mind. We want to show what we can achieve artistically when we are in a space together. The starting point is the connection between the players: you open yourself up to the unexpected so that new things can emerge musically. By listening carefully to each other and responding to each other, you can allow something special to blossom in the moment, where we creatively embrace both miraculous gifts and unpleasant surprises.”

For lovers of both jazz and classical

“I am also happy that my album is part of TRPTK’s rich catalog,” Van Roon notes in conclusion. “It has become a beautiful product that will appeal to both jazz and classical lovers. Finally, I would like to draw attention to the cover, with a beautiful photograph by Boukje Kassenaar that is a fitting representation of our musical achievement.”