Home Music Album TRPTK releases SACD Jonatan Alvarado‘s ‘Voces de Bronze’

TRPTK releases SACD Jonatan Alvarado‘s ‘Voces de Bronze’

TRPTK releases SACD Jonatan Alvarado‘s ‘Voces de Bronze’

Utrecht-based record label TRPTK announces for today the SACD release “Voces de Bronze” by Jonatan Alvarado.

Argentina-born tenor Jonatan Alvarado (Mercedes, 1986) studied voice and lute at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Xenia Meijer and Fred Jacobs. He is leader of the Ensemble Seconda Pract!ca which focuses on Renaissance and early baroque music from Latin America. His first solo album “Pajarillos Fugitivos” (Ayros, 2018) was nominated for the International Music Awards in the “Best Early Music Vocal Album” category.

Carlos Gardel as a starting point

Avarado is a versatile musician who not only focuses on early music, but also delves into the folk music tradition of his native country. On the adventurous Dutch label TRPTK, he now releases the SACD “Voces de Bronze,” on which the music of the great tenor Carlos Gardel (1890-1935) is a starting point. Tango singer Gardel was a superstar in the 1920s and 1930s and his voice broke many hearts. It is therefore a testament to daring and vision that Alvarado performs this beautiful music again with today’s high end recording technology.

Argentine folk music

Central to “Voces de Bronze” is Argentine folk music. No fewer than 22 songs make up the album, which is divided thematically: the first piece is dedicated to poet-villain Andrés Cepeda, a legendary figure from the beginning of the last century. This is followed by “El Boyero en la Campaña” (“The Worker in the Country”), “Linda Provincianita” (“Beautiful Girl from the Province”) and the concluding “Las Danzas Nacionales”. In addition to Cepeda, many songwriters pass by, including Juan Alais, José Razzano, Ambrosio Rios, Ángel Greco, Cristino Tapia, José Maria Aguilar, Antonio Podestá and José Ricardo. Illustrious names that are, unjustly, little known outside Argentina.

The album is something of an anthology of Argentine folk music, performed with extraordinary sophistication by Alvarado as he accompanies himself on his guitar. In addition, a rock is the precise playing of guitarist Jessica Denis, who hails from Belgium. Guest musicians are vocalists Sophia Patsi and Juan Vizán.

Elastic voice

‘Voces de Bronze’ has become an extraordinarily rich album that will certainly give a new impetus to the revaluation of Argentine folk music: a genre that is too little highlighted in Europe and the rest of the world. Central is Alvarado’s elastic voice, a compelling sound that gets deep under your skin and won’t let go. “Almost five years I’ve been working on this production. I want to bring this music to people in such a way that they immediately open their ears. The eloquence is so great,” Alvarado notes in conclusion.