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Qobuz celebrates 125 years of Deutsche Grammophon

Qobuz celebrates 125 years of Deutsche Grammophon

Deutsche Grammophon exists 125 years, a fact that also music streaming service Qobuz is not letting pass by.

Qobuz has announced a partnership with Deutsche Grammophon. This on the occasion of the latter’s 125th anniversary. In practice, this leads to, among other things, exclusive playlists, editorial content, own videos starring various artists of Deutsche Grammophon. Also expect an extensive selection of download offerings from the record company’s huge catalog. That way, you can build your own collection of your favorite works that are and will remain accessible anytime and anywhere until the end of time.

Plenty of choice

On Qobuz itself, you will find more than 6,500 albums from Deutsche Grammophon. The selection ranges from upcoming talent to legends such as Herbert von Karajan, Hilary Hahn, Gustavo Dudamel and many, many others. The two companies are also launching a cross-platform campaign featuring the already mentioned exclusive playlists and videos, the French music streamer’s download store, streaming apps and more.