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Live Final Goodmesh Competition on Nov. 27

Live Final Goodmesh Competition on Nov. 27

On Monday, November 27, the finals of the Dutch Goodmesh Competition will take place at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

The Goodmesh Competition is – in its own words – the first multidisciplinary art competition of its kind. Participants are required to combine their musical qualities with another art form. This naturally results in particularly interesting performances. This year the finals will be held on November 27 at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Nice detail is that on that evening there will be a full moon too. And ‘so’ there will be a telescope set up for visitors to the event, realized by the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy. Provided there are no clouds, this will allow you to watch the full moon live and take a closer look.

Amber Kortzorg

The finale of the Goodmesh Competition will be presented by Amber Kortzorg. She is, according to the organization, “a talented journalist, programmer and television presenter, and is known for her charismatic presentation style. She brings not only television experience but also scientific knowledge to the stage, making her the perfect choice to lead us through the Live Finale of the Goodmesh Competition 2023. Amber’s warm and dynamic personality adds another dose of charm to an already promising evening’. Tickets, by the way, can be ordered here!