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Sony to acquire Audeze

Sony to acquire Audeze

Striking news: Sony is going to buy high-end headphone manufacturer Audeze. And that will be yet another specialist gobbled up by a large corporation.

According to Sony, the acquisition of Audeze will mainly boost innovations and sound experience for the PlayStation gaming consoles, we read here and elsewhere. Now, Audeze indeed already had a series of high-end gaming headphones in its lineup, such as the LCD-GX, for example. Furthermore, the headphones of this American brand are of course mostly known for the use of planar magnetic drivers


Particularly notable is that Sony does not mention a single word about Audeze’s “regular” audiophile headphone range. It’s all PlayStation and gaming audio what’s talked about. Perhaps not surprising either, since the Japanese have long been producing headphones themselves that fall into the ‘better audio’ category. At this stage, it’s anyone’s guess, but it looks like Sony is going to use Audeze headphone technology primarily for gaming.