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Nexum VOCE, Auracast Bluetooth-transceiver

Nexum VOCE, Auracast Bluetooth-transceiver

According to the manufacturer, the Nexum VOCE is the world’s first Auracast-capable Bluetooth transceiver with LE Audio.

Auracast is a new Bluetooth technology that allows a transmitting station to send audio directly to a large number of linked receivers. Consider an airport TV screen, for example, which usually has no sound. If such a device has Auracast on board, suddenly everyone can listen in. Or connect a dongle to an existing device. And that’s exactly what the Nexum VOCE is for. With this tiny device, you set up an Auracast station in no time, covering between 400 and 600 square meters maximum

Low latency

Above that, according to the manufacturer, the Nexum VOCE supports ‘playback and USB recording functions. Depending on the performance of the LC3 codec, VOCE can provide not only CD-level stereo audio specifications (16bit/44.1K), but also a low latency of 50 ms. Its performance is more than sufficient to handle most users’ application scenarios. In the near future, all new TWS headsets support Auracast, many interesting applications will change people’s wireless audio behavior

Numerous application possibilities

There are built-in microphones on the Nexum VOCE, but external ones are also supported. This makes the device suitable for providing good sound for video recordings without the hassle of cables too. Applications of the VOCE are countless. Think for example of a silent disco, e-learning, education and meetings

The Nexum VOCE is available immediately for €99 from distributor DigiTrading.