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Audioquest William Tell Silver and ZERO speaker cable



  • Speed
  • Air
  • Energy
  • Precision and detail


  • 'Spicy' price
  • Price difference ZERO and Silver
  • Stiff
  • It is not ours!

Price: € 3300 - 10000

Build quality

The Sound


The first thing that immediately strikes us, is the openness, rhythm and speed. Compared to the Oak, it really feels like a blanket is being pulled from the music. Very special. And the longer you listen, the more musical insight you get.

Now some people will have to get used to it, because our first impression was: damn… …that’s very fresh. And that in combination with the loads of detail and air… can be a little overwhelming. Especially if we also have an Aurender A30 for review. Anyway. That is sometimes the life of a reviewer.

If you want to get an idea: check out our playlist with sample videos. You can then hear the step from our ‘normal’ reference set with the Metrum and Focals and this system with the Aurender and William Tell’s.

According to Audioquest, this step was made possible by developing a cable that no longer forms a mismatch between the impedance of the amplifier and the speaker. The new series no longer have a characteristic impedance. Hence the name ZERO. Just a quote from Audioquest to explain this.

“By eliminating the characteristic impedance of the loudspeaker cable (ZERO technology) the current compression and distortion of the signal/current transient are significantly reduced. The result is dynamic contrast, a transient response and a bass slam that appears to be effortless because the cable does not electrically impede the music”

Now, that’s quite something to claim. But to be honest, we really hear a big difference between the Oak and this William Tell. And not only the Silver, but also the ZERO which has an equal price tag to the Oak. We simply hear more openness, clarity, layering and detail. You really don’t have to hold a session of a few hours for this: it’s instantly audible.


What has remained the same – and what really is a strength of Audioquest – is the punch and tightness in the bass area. Audioquest has always had a delicious bass reproduction. Where, for example, the Driade Flow delivers a nice balanced sound and image – just like the Grimm cables – the bass of the Audioquests in our opinion is always slightly better. More punch, more insight, more layering.

Perhaps because of the solid core design of these cables: both Grimm and Driade uses a stranded setup. Although both have advantages and disadvantages. Solid core is incredibly rigid and can break. Stranded is great for mid/high. But we have the feeling that you are missing some energy in the bass. Yeah… we know: a lot of techies and scientists will start shouting now.

Difference between ZERO and Silver

But now the difference between the ‘normal’ Audioquest William Tell ZERO and the Silver. Is it worth double the price? Well, we just can’t answer that. What we can say is that there’s definitely a difference. The Silver has a more pleasant – softer – mid-high / high area. He plays more fluently and richer in this, in our opinion, crucial area. This precision also helps in the spatial placement; that is a bit sharper.

The ‘normal’ ZERO is in comparison with the Silver a bit rougher in the middle and high spectrum (audible in S-sounds and cymbals). And slightly rounder in the mid-low. This is audible in the samples. Especially when you pay attention to vocals. Are we saying that the ZERO is not good? No, on the contrary. The William Tell ZERO performs better than the Oak. Again, it’s like taking a blanket off the speakers. The Oak also focuses less precisely than the ZERO. It is really as if we suddenly wear the right pair of glasses. This is no small step for Audioquest … this is just a huge leap.

Ok: that price difference. Whoever has a system that performs top notch and is looking for perfection, the doubling may not be a problem. After all: it is audible and the Audioquest William Tell Silver does perform better – no: not only different … just better – than the William Tell. In our system it is clearly audible. And frankly, we found it completely bizarre to combine our 9000 euro speakres with a 8000 euro cable. But yes, so it is audible. Do we get the maximum out of this cable? We guess not. We think it only really comes into its own on a class higher. Or maybe two classes. But it was fun.

Sample Video Audioquest William Tell ZERO and Silver

Lossless samples can be found here:

William Tell Silver

William Tell ZERO


It's a hefty pair of cables. Both to hold and to listen to. And to buy.

We are talking about the price range: do we buy a car or do we buy a pair of speaker cables. Although the people that in the market for a set of William Tell won't have to make that choice. They probably already have the car and the beautiful house. They are looking for the dot on the 'i' in their system. And that's the point of this cable. Especially the Silver is really a beautiful cable. Soft, rich in detail, fast... energetic.

The 'ordinary' William Tell is already an unprecedented step from the Oak. But the refinement of the Silver... that it doesn't have. But anyway: you pay half. It's up to you to determine where the boundary lies for you.

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