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Cambridge Audio Edge NQ and Edge W – On the edge of your seat



  • Complete and easy to use (Edge NQ)
  • Delightful dac (Edge NQ)
  • Control and refinement (Edge W)


  • Volumeregeling via de afstandsbediening (Edge NQ)
  • Wordt warm (Edge W)
  • Groot

Price: € 8998

Build quality
Cambridge Edge NQ en Edge W



Over the past few weeks we have noticed how user-friendly these devices are, especially the NQ. Both via the volume knob, remote control or app you can easily set and adjust everything. Of course, a streamer stands or falls primarily with the quality of the app and we don’t think light of the software-side here at Alpha. Fortunately, the StreamMagic app has become a solid app. Over the years, the app got better and better and while it’s still not perfect, we think it will be more than adequate for many people. Those like us who have since been spoiled by Roon need not fear as the NQ is Roon Ready.

During the test period there was a firmware update and it went off without a hitch. The app itself is clear and well-organized and offers a number of ingenious applications. For example, you can activate each input individually and equalize the volume of each input. The volume control in the app is also very nice to work with. Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify are built-in but Chromecast, SoundCloud and Airplay are also among the possibilities. It is also possible to briefly listen to music via You Tube or switch to your television to watch Netflix. Navigating the app is obviously not on the level of Roon but goes towards the ease of use of BluOS. The app is stable and never crashed, either on our tablet or on our phone.


In the back, it’s a busy place but everything remains clear. There is plenty of room. On the left we see the connection for the power cord and in the middle all analog inputs and outputs are arranged perfectly symmetrically. Analog output can be via xlr or rca and there are two single-ended inputs and a balanced input.

Above that is the digital section with two times optical, one time coax, 1 time usb type 2 and an HDMI ARC connection. Far right at the bottom we see the Ethernet connection and two USB ports to connect, for example, a USB stick full of music. This option is also on our Nad M50 and is highly recommended with the NQ because in this way you discover the full quality of the built-in dac.

Amplification required

The Cambridge Audio Edge W is of course the perfect partner for the NQ. If your speakers are really power hungry then of course you can also buy the Monos (Edge M). But the W already has plenty of power on board. 2×100 watts in class A/B to be exact. Cambridge applies a technique to reduce the disadvantages of the Class A/B and thus to take advantage of the qualities of the Class A in particular. They have recently renamed this application from XD to class XA in order to obtain as little distortion as possible.

As mentioned, there are only 14 parts in the W and the capacitors have been replaced by specially developed circuit boards. It contains a dual toroidal power supply that is placed in a mirrored fashion on top of each other. According to Cambridge, this way the two power supplies do not influence each other which again should ensure less interference and disturbance from inside. The Edge W has a completely smooth front panel with only a small standby button at the bottom left. Nice and tight.

At the back we see gold-plated balanced and single-ended inputs but also, and rather exceptionally, a set of balanced and single-ended outputs. These are there to directly connect a pair of subwoofers or to connect an additional amplifier for example. Because of the dual power supply you have a surplus of power and this amplifier will not quickly become short of breath. It does get quite warm and after a few hours of play even slightly hot. Those beautiful cooling fins are therefore not just for show. In any case, make sure you provide enough breathing room for the W.

Price & Availability

The Cambridge Audio Edge is available immediately for a price of €4,999 from the following website


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