Home Cambridge Audio Edge NQ and Edge W – On the edge of your seat

Cambridge Audio Edge NQ and Edge W – On the edge of your seat



  • Complete and easy to use (Edge NQ)
  • Delightful dac (Edge NQ)
  • Control and refinement (Edge W)


  • Volumeregeling via de afstandsbediening (Edge NQ)
  • Wordt warm (Edge W)
  • Groot

Price: € 8998

Build quality
Cambridge Edge NQ en Edge W



We mainly listened to the system because this is how they are marketed. Yes, you can buy them separately but we suspect that most buyers will buy a duo or a trio (Edge M). Another option is the integrated (Edge A) amplifier if you already have your own streamer.

But what do these beauties sound like? Well very refined, controlled and detail rich without becoming intrusive. Unforced, pure and rhythmic. Not necessarily ultra fast but with a nice flow. At the bottom there is full, generous base that serves as a foundation for the rest of the playback. The Sabre dac is truly outstanding and has a silky, feathery high full of sparkle. The middle is open, uncolored and transparent but, just because of the generous bass of the amplifier, never sounds bare or distant. These units are perfectly balanced and provide an outstanding musical experience.

For Whom

Cambridge Audio want to make a statement with the Edge range and we think they have succeeded. These units look clean and sleek and will suit any living or listening room. They are true design objects and sound great too. So they are the ideal devices for the discerning buyer who wants to simplify their system but makes little or no concession in terms of playback and ease of use. Someone who is sick and tired of cable spaghetti and urgently wants more peace and quiet in his or her room. And peace and quiet always means more music experience. We never missed our reference system and that’s saying something… doesn’t it?


Our power amplifier, the Benchmark Media Systems AHB2, has exactly the same power output but can handle up to six times that of the Cambridge Audio Edge W we estimate. This American wonder block has been our reference for several years now and once again is not been surpassed. The AHB2 is even slightly faster and more dynamic than the Edge W. They are subtle differences but definitely audible. The Edge W is slightly more laid back and sounds fuller in the low end than the AHB2. As a result, the Edge matched our ultra-fast Revels just fine. Both amps are top notch and will appeal to different listeners and buyers.

Price & Availability

The Cambridge Audio Edge is available immediately for a price of €4,999 from the following website.


We've had some great products visit us regularly but this duo from Cambridge Audio really takes the prize. This Edge range is beautifully made and looks very stylish. Sober, with a timeless look that, depending on the light, allows different shades of the "lunar grey" finish to show through. Operationally, there's little to be said for it either. The app is fine and the units themselves are very user-friendly and a pleasure to work with. In terms of playback, we find the Cambridge Audio Edge NQ streamer to be an excellent pass-through. The dac is excellent and the many features make for a total experience. The Cambridge Audio Edge W is the perfect partner to the Cambridge Edge NQ and in addition to control, possesses the ability to draw you into the music. The Cambridge Audio Edge NQ and W convinced us across the board and therefore receive a coveted Alpha Approved!

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