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Review Acoustic Energy AE109² – Festival at home



  • Very competitively priced
  • Looks neat
  • Fine balance


  • Be careful with placement
  • Accessories could be better

Price: € 700

Build quality
Acoustic Energy AE109-2



Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. This means that amplifiers, streamers, cables and speakers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Perfect, because a hobby should be fun for all of us. Acoustic Energy is a brand that also has interesting stuff for ‘the common man’. Today we have the smallest floorstander in front of us: the Acoustic Energy AE109 series 2

Let’s take a look at these interestingly priced floorstanders from the British Acoustic Energy. First of all, Acoustic Energy uses techniques from the more expensive 500 series. Think of a WDT (Wide Dispersion Tweeter) for improved sound dispersion. The set-up of the two woofers (2.5 way configuration) is striking: more upward than you would expect. By the way, the units are completely new. AE paid a lot of attention to phase coherence and load capacity during development. We’re still going to hear if it has paid off!

Now to the enclosure. The bass reflex port (a slot on the back) is not simply round, but more slotted. That should reduce ‘chuffing’ distortion. The cabinet looks pretty standard otherwise, but is solid in design and is made out of 15mm HDF. Of course with the necessary bracing to keep it all together. HDF has the advantage that the panels are less thick which in turn allows for more internal capacity. And that without compromising strength.

Specifications and set-up

Speaker type Floorstander, bass reflex
Set up 2.5 way
Maximum load 175 watts
Sensitivity 89dB / watt / meter
Impedance 6 Ohm nominal
Peak spl 115 dB
Units 2,5cm tweeter (soft dome), 2 x 13cm woofer (paper)
Dimensions / Weight 86cm x 16,5cm x 25cm / 17 Kg per piece
Price 700 Euro per pair
  • Rega Brio-R class A/B amplifier
  • Bluesound node (2021 version)
  • Supra Classic 2.5mm speaker cable
  • Supra Lorad 2.5 MKII & SPC CS LoRad power cables
  • Supra Lorad MD06-EU/SP power block
  • Streaming source was Qobuz & Tidal via Roon

Winkels met Acoustic Energy

Steenstraat 54
6828 CM Arnhem, Gelderland, NL