Home Review Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf – Three’s a charm?

Review Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf – Three’s a charm?



  • Excellent for vocal and instrumental work
  • Wide soundstage
  • Insightful
  • Placement
  • Price


  • Not a real all-rounder
  • Layer lacks punch and impact

Price: € 848 per pair

Build quality
Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62



Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62

That brings us seamlessly to the Bowers and Wilkins 606S2 which is perhaps the punchiest speaker in its price category. The Bowers and the Elac couldn’t be further apart. The Bowers is a fun speaker that also does well with more calm work but lacks the sophistication of the Elac. The Bowers is faster, fresher and makes you listen to the music more hunched over. The Elac is more of a laidback speaker. Choices, choices.

Interesting is the comparison with the Elac Carina BS243.3 also by Jones’ hand. The Carina is more expensive and has a Jet-Tweeter that provides refinement in a different way. The Carina’s low end has more body and slam than that of the UBR62. The latter, in turn, is more insightful and sounds a bit more organic than the Carina. However, the Carina is not so picky when it comes to genres.

For Whom

Those who mainly listen to calm work (singer songwriter, chamber music, jazz) will have an excellent companion in the UBR62. This is a speaker that quietly does its thing without drawing attention to anything. A speaker that makes you sit back and relax. It has a heavenly midrange that many audiophiles are looking for. The UBR62 is extremely insightful and allows every detail to come through. To get a complete soundstage we would really combine it with a subwoofer. That way, the balance might be perfect. In addition, this is an affordable speaker that is easy to place and performs well in a normal room.


The Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 is a refined loudspeaker that makes you relax and enjoy your best recordings without distraction. Its magical midrange and refined highs are its strongest qualities, along with a wide stereo image and baking insight. Yet we have mixed feelings about this speaker. It does a lot right, but in the bass, it lacks the punch and balls to make it a real all-rounder. If you mainly listen to the lighter stuff then this is a special speaker that has no equal in this price range. But if you want to throw a party, look elsewhere.

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