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Review Graham Slee Majestic Dac – Proprius Mono Amplifier



  • Fine display
  • Versatility
  • Small


  • Cannot be switched off
  • Usb up to 24/48kHz (Majestic)

Price: € 3300

Build quality
Graham Slee

Dare to be different


Graham Slee

Graham Slee proves that you can make a lot of music without filling up your living room with hardware. The technicians of Graham Slee are masters in their field and know like no other how to get the most out of passive components. You just feel the years of experience of the designers flowing through the cables.

The Majestic Dac is next to an excellent d/a converter also a preamplifier with lots of inputs and a good volume control. The Proprius Mono power amplifiers take up little space and go all the way for musicality. They also have a volume control so they can be connected directly to a dac. Extremely handy and compact!


Both devices also retain their quality separately and add some English flair to the sound where necessary. The power amplifiers we balanced on the Metrum Acoustics Onyx connected and that sounded very good. A little fresher than with the Majestic but no less good. The bass was now a lot tighter and the general view a bit lighter.

The Graham Slee Majestic on the Bryston also went very well. That gave the cool Canadian some extra warmth from the stately Brit. This shows you can play with both devices and listen to what works in your own setup. Through the importer you have the possibility to test each device at home (try before you buy) before you proceed to purchase. Very nice indeed!


The Graham Sleigh Majestic Multi Input Dac and Proprius Mono Amplifier are outsiders in the current audio landscape. The dac has its limitations and also the mono blocks have a modest power on paper. In practice, however, we are not lacking anything. All attention has gone to the musical reproduction. And that is done perfectly.

These devices are for people who are not looking for the latest gadgets but go full for the sound. A sound that draws you into the music little by little. A nostalgic sound maybe reminiscent of the old days. Because everything used to be better? Wasn't it?