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Review Grimm Audio MU1



  • Sounds fantastically neutral
  • ... and stressless
  • Versatile


  • Software here and there quirky
  • Pricey device

Price: € 10000

App - Software
Grimm Audio MU1

The test set-up


We have connected the Grimm Audio MU1 in our reference system. This system consists of:

We test both with the Grimm MU1 as Roon server and the MU1 as Roon endpoint. In the end it turns out that it works better with the MU1 as server and player. We also let the Ambre play through the MU1 to determine if the better clock and upsampling works. We also do this with a Sony 810 4K blu-ray player on which we then play CDs.


  1. Hi Jaap, great review.

    I know you have reviewed both the MU1 and Weiss DAC 501. I’m wondering if you had ever paired the MU1 with the Weiss and could offer your impressions? I have a Weiss DAC501 Mk 2 version and am very interested in the Grimm product.

      • Jaap, I am currently in the process of sourcing a few AES/EBU cables to use for connecting my Weiss 501 to the Grimm MU1 (I now have one on order which will be delivered in about 2 weeks :).
        I’m wondering of you have any feedback on the following few cables which I so far plan to trial – Transparent Reference G6, Nordost Valhalla 2, Cardas Clear? Or, do you have any other suggestions you recommend are worth a listen to?. FYI, the interconnects I have from my Weiss to my Genelec G5 speakers are Cardas Clear Beyond balanced XLR cables, which were sublime to my ears.

          • That’s ok Jaap:) Ultimately it will be my ears that decide in the end. But I thought it was definitely worth asking you just in case you have ever found a certain cable that was extraordinary from your point of view, and hence worth adding to the list to explore.
            I will be happy to share with you how it all goes!