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  • Natural sound
  • Construction
  • Placement
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  • Not for detail freaks

Price: € 1950

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JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé



Natacha Atlas has been swimming through a lot of water but on her latest album “Strange Days” we hear her at her best. Supported by a fine line-up she sings a dozen songs that take their time to unfold. There is room for the musicians and the varied instrumentation comes through nicely on the Bliss Jubilé. Usually it is the piano and the double bass that magisterially support the songs. Mrs. Atlas’ voice sounds pure and refined through the open midrange and the tweeter refuses to sound aggressive. Ideal for female vocals that can sometimes be quite spicy.

Another strong madam is Tahliah Debrett Barnett aka FKA Twigs who has released a very personal and beautiful album with “Magdalena”. The songs go in all directions and are often complex, but the Bliss Jubilé handles it well. Still, this is not the fastest speaker and the beats have also been heard tighter. But this loudspeaker counters with an unparalleled midrange that aptly reproduces every emotion. This is not a sleek, fresh speaker but a rather full, round viewer that a warm blanket wraps around you and literally embraces the music.

We clearly hear that on the new album “I shouldn’t be telling you this” by actor and pianist Jeff Goldblum. It’s like sitting in a fancy hotel and listening live to the Mildred Snitzer Ensemble. The atmosphere of the songs comes through beautifully and the instruments sound very natural and never intrusive. This album is full of American classics and is the ideal ending to a hectic day, especially on the Bliss Jubilé.

Angel Olsen’s new “All Mirrors” is another hit. Her conjuring voice in combination with those languid, slow songs sounds downright stunning. Through the Bliss Jubilé we only listen to her voice. Everything else seems bye-bye and it actually is. We just can’t get under hypnosis because of this great album. On other speakers we didn’t get this album very well but now we’re fully on board.


JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé

Our reference Atc Scm19 V2 monitors are quite different from the JMR Bliss Jubilé. To start with, they are a lot harder to control and to get them right you have to make an effort. They are quite large and therefore need a lot of space to breathe. Just like the Bliss Jubilé, they are full of special components that have been perfected for decades. The Atcs are a lot faster and have a tighter bass than the JMRs. They have a clear sound that sparkles with an open middle area. They’re a lot fresher by comparison and you have to love them. The JMRs are darker and focus more on emotion and intimacy. Actually, these speakers cannot be further apart in sound.

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