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Review JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé



  • Natural sound
  • Construction
  • Placement
  • Control


  • Not for detail freaks

Price: € 1950

Build quality
JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé

For whom


This is a loudspeaker for someone who wants to relax after a long, hard working day. Someone who wants to be taken on a musical journey. Someone who is looking for a friendly sound and doesn’t want to put too much effort into getting good sound. This is one of those speakers that makes you feel good and makes all the music sound good. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for. It is also not necessary to adjust your entire space to make it sound good. Put them anywhere and they’ll perform without a murmur.

Those who like it to sparkle and sparkle will have to look elsewhere. All the details are there but the height is tempered a little so that especially the middle area can shine. This isn’t a speaker to unpack with either. They are quite beautiful but rather inconspicuous. Skilfully put together full of quality elements but sober in appearance. This is a loudspeaker for which the term easy listening was invented. Relax with your favorite music. Blessed, isn’t it?

In this price range we come close to a Bowers 705 s2, a Dynaudio Evoke 2 or a Dali Rubicon 2 to name but a few. They are all formidable competitors, each with their own specific sound. The JMR Bliss Jubilé may be the least noticeable in a demo, but when you take your time this speaker will convince you all the more. Everything depends on your music and how you prefer to hear it.




Where many manufacturers come up with a 'forward' sound, JMR resolutely opts for a different solution. The Bliss Jubilé is a loudspeaker with an 'old skool' sound and that's a compliment. It's a monitor that gets under your skin simply by making music. All attention goes to the music and not to the equipment. It's not easy for a loudspeaker to decipher itself but the Bliss Jubilé does just that. God Bliss You!
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