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Review Kaempfer Audio Design K7 active speakers



  • A balanced system
  • Pure sound
  • Power


  • Limited choice in WISA preamplifiers
  • Level speakers require a quality streamer

Price: € 14950

Build quality

For Whom


The reproduction of the KAD K7 speakers is tight, it might even be perceived as a bit dry. No gravy is added to the sound to make it sound fatter. The speakers have a clear design choice and sound signature. It is a remarkably unremarkable sound over time. That takes some getting used to, but once the character is in your system the focus goes to what matters: the music.

What High End is often about is giving the listener the feeling of hearing how it sounded during the recording. That’s not possible at all, of course, but that illusion is what we’re after. If the click is there with the KAD K7, then that door to audio nirvana will open for you.


I think it is difficult to judge the KAD K7 active speakers based on a first impression. Who expects or looks for a sound aimed at impressing, will be disappointed. The power, the scale, the volume and the directness is there. With the price tag come expectations of the quality level of the music reproduction and that quality is delivered.

Because of the absolute accuracy in phase, there is a calmness in the image that does not go away even in the most intense orchestral passages. The foundation on which the sound stage is built is very thick reinforced concrete. Whatever happens, it cannot be moved.

The tuning of the speakers gives you the feeling of being in the skin of the music. That is the most tasteful aspect of these speakers, this character should appeal to you.