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Review Metrum Acoustics Onyx



  • Sounds particularly good
  • Simplicity
  • Competitive price


  • Looks a bit boring

Price: € 2499

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Metrum Onyx



Let’s get right to the door. Our beloved Dion Audio dac must be several recognize in the Onyx. That in itself is not a disgrace because the digital express train is simply unstoppable. The Dion is still a very good dac but the Onyx is just better. He’s the Dion’s superlative. More refined, smoother, looser, purer, more detailed and faster.

That makes this D/A converter particularly punishable because how this little thing converts the digital signal to analog sounds is amazing. There might still be a few percentages to win with a Metrum Pavane, a DCS Rossini or a Nagra HD on an ultra high-end set. But for an ordinary mortal, the Onyx is a small affordable high-end miracle that doesn’t do anything wrong.


The last few months we have been spoiled with all kinds of beautiful components but this gem is very special. What the Onyx does in our set is so radical and correct that there is no turning back. We’ll try to explain that to you in more detail below.

By the way, our neutral, fast Bryston B60R is a wonderful combination with the Onyx. And the NAD M50 shows that it can effortlessly play a few steps higher if the converter allows it. Our Audio Vectors do not let themselves be known and reach with the Metrum Acoustics Onyx an incredibly high level. We’re watching ourselves.

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